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Who? – Consequential -isms


I’m a philosopher with specializations in the Philosophy of Science and the Philosophy of Mind.

I also have an academic background in Biological Anthropology and *whispers furtively* Evolutionary Psychology. I know, I know, and I’ve grown pretty skeptical of much of what’s become canonical in that field, both theoretically and methodologically. I still think our natural history has a good deal to tell us about how our minds work, but I think most who write and talk about the relationship between human evolution and human cognition don’t really understand that relationship very well. Improving that understanding is one of the things I hope to do with this blog.

I also black out and write creatively from time to time. The residues of these episodes may occasionally sglurtch their way into posts here.

As for the particulars of the sort of perspective you’re likely to encounter in this little corner of cyberspace: If I had to do a more detailed version of that whole give-your-philosophy-while-standing-on-one-foot thing, it’d go something like this:

Metaphysics: Corrigible Minimalism
Physics: Something like Relational Blockworld
Epistemology: Connectionist Reliabilism
Philosophy of Science: Modest (ontologically agnostic) Epistemic Structural Realism
Methodology: Shameless Reductionism
Philosophy of Mind (broad): Churchlandian Neurophilosophy
Philosophy of Mind (consciousness): Integrated Information Theory
Metaethics: Deflationary (non-absolutist) Realism
Ethics: Dual Consequentialism (with a more eudaimonic than hedonic emphasis)
Politics: Whatever’s most likely to realize the best consequences under given circumstances