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How? – Consequential -isms


Why, with your help, of course!

Comments and discussion are more than welcome in this space. I’d like to get a vigorous little intellectual community going here. Maybe open a discussion forum at some point if the light/heat ratio stays sufficiently high.

So keep it constructive and productive.

If you harass other commenters or persistently post in bad faith, you will be BANHAMMER’D.

If you post provocatively gross, dehumanizing, or sexually explicit content: BANHAMMER’D.

Links in comments are allowed if the material is relevant to the discussion, but spammers will be BANHAMMER’D.

Also, don’t preach—we want arguments here, not naked assertions—and avoid empty signaling. No one here’s gonna be impressed by your edge, bruh.

Let’s start with these rules and see how things go. I reserve the right to revise them at my discretion.